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Natural Hand Made Soaps

Introducing our 100% Natural Bar Soap, hand-made with a recipe that creates bars that feel and smell great. Our soap bars are made with only the finest ingredients, which are combined manually, poured into forms, and cut by hand. Each batch may differ slightly in shape or colour, but the recipe is consistent, resulting in delicate, foamy, and efficient soap bars. Our philosophy is "less is more," and we strive to create products that are gentle on the skin and the environment. Try our Bar Soap today and experience the difference of natural, hand-made soap.

Our Foaming Liquid Hand Soap is the perfect addition to your hand washing routine. Made with a blend of nourishing Olive, Coconut & Castor oil, this soap effectively cleanses while leaving your hands feeling soft and moisturized. The addition of Glycerin helps to draw moisture to the skin, preventing dryness. Our gentle formula creates a rich, indulgent foam that is mild and non-drying, making it perfect for frequent use. Treat your hands to the nourishing care they deserve with our Foaming Liquid Hand Soap.

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