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My Story

Ina Hart is a true force to be reckoned with! Despite growing up in a remote town without modern amenities during her early years, she developed a deep love for nature that has driven her throughout her life. Not content with just working in accounting, Ina also created her own children's clothing and cloth diaper lines while raising her family in beautiful British Columbia. And now, her passion for nature and artistic talent have led her to create an incredible range of natural body care products, including lotions, deodorants, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and so much more!

Get ready to experience the amazing products that Ina has to offer! Get ready to fall in love with skinsationnaturally! - the ultimate solution to all your skin care needs. Ina's personal struggles with skin irritation and allergies led her to create a line of skin and body care products that prioritize natural and safe ingredients. With her background in accounting and a curious mind, Ina was able to create a consistent and reasonably priced product line that contains only the simplest ingredients possible. Say goodbye to pesky skin irritations and allergies and hello to beautiful, healthy skin with skinsationnaturally!

Foaming Hand Soap
Foaming Hand Soap & Bar Soap 
Natural handmade lotions
Body Wash
Shampoo bar natural
Natural deodorant
Essential oils
Essential oils
Essential oil Rollers


Shaving foam
Men's Care
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