Shampoo- when to wash or leave for another day

If you are like me or my children the question are asking is how many day can I get away without washing my hair.  Better yet how often does it actually need washing?

Me, personally used to wash every day Grease/oily was am huge issue. If i touched it (the hair heaven forbid an instant oil streak). Older Shh!! Senior now, with very fine hair. I am sure that there a scads of ladies in the same situation young or old, that have oily fine hair. I cannot specifically say what happened to change the dynamics of my hair, there were some changes that I can pinpoint.

To speak candidly I am a menopausal woman (hormonal therapy is my friend). About 3 years ago while on vacation I decided to go cold turkey and stop the hormonal treatments, I lasted 3 months both Hubby and I decided it was best for both of our well-being that I return to the therapy (hair remained the same). About a month after restarting treatment I noticed that my hair was no longer as greasy as it had been I could go 2 days without washing (major milestone here).

Second point I started to add Shampoo to my list of products and tried many formulas, too heavy and weighed my hair down, to light not enough cleansing and the list goes on. Bingo Daily essential shampoo was the answer, and peppermint essential a great way to start any day. My regiment now is 3 days between shampooing (that is a win for me).